Mobile Scale: Log Scaling Software for Windows Mobile based ruggedized handheld computers

RSL's MobileScale software is approved for HBS use!  The MobileScale program has been approved by the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, complies fully with the Harvest Billing System, and produces all required HBS reports and exports directly from the handheld..

Easy to Use:  MobileScale is a logically organized, menu driven application with customization that allows you to scale with maximum efficiency.

Comprehensive:  MobileScale allows for the entry of hundreds of fields including the ability to create custom fields should the need arise.

Validation: Every entered field has the ability to be validated to ensure incorrect data is stopped at the source.

Multiple Scales: Metric / Scribner / FBM / Alberta / Weigh Scale Samples are just a few of the many data entry scenarios that are all built into the MobileScale software package.

Simultaneous Scaling:  MobileScale allows multiple scaling scenarios to be used in combination with each other (dual scale, triple scale, and so on).

Flexible downloading: Wireless, FTP, Bluetooth, USB or via serial port are all options for downloading.  There are even 10 formats to choose from.

Printing: MobileScale is set up to print directly (from the handheld) via wireless, Bluetooth, IrDA, serial or USB.  No need to wait for your reports.

Proven:  MobileScale has been extensively used by some of the top forest companies for over 15 years.